October 26, 2017

Confessions to Saint Warren of Asheville

It was the first cold night in Florida and it feels like the witching hour is upon us. What have you got to confess to Saint Warren? Lyrics Only the darkness can keep you warm On an evil night
July 23, 2017

All Of These Dreams

There is a place on the mountain nearby Deep in a cave but it's up rather high There in the darkness are safely concealed All of the dreams that you never revealed And if you go there and after
July 20, 2017


This man beside us also has a hard fight with an unfavouring world, with strong temptations, with doubts and fears, with wounds of the past which have skinned over, but which smart when they are touched.
July 15, 2017

Please Call Home

Take one last look, before you leave, 'Cause oh, somehow it means so much to me. And if you'll ever need me, you know where I'll be. So, please, call home if ya change your mind. Oh, I don't mind. I
July 13, 2017

I Will Never Get A Tattoo, But If I Did….

I've long said that I'll never get a tattoo and, if I did, it would be something completely anodyne and immutable like: my birth date, I <3 Mom, 1+1 = 2.   Well, I ran across a few words
June 10, 2017

Vibration, love & light

Chorus: Vibration, love & light Peace through your darkest night Vibrations, light & love Peace in the valley Lyrics: Fools suffer gladly in the face of fate So I'll leave it all to chance If
May 25, 2017

Quote of the Day, May 25

"Good ideas do not need lots of lies told about them in order to gain public acceptance" — Daniel Davies on Thursday, May 27th 2004, 13 years ago